Gas Transmission Company Ltd. (GTCL)


Gas Transmission Company Limited (GTCL) was incorporated on 14th December 1993 under the company's Act. The Company is transmitting gas to different marketing and distribution companies.


  1. Centrally operating national gas grid;
  2. Maintenance of high-pressure pipeline;
  3. To extend gas transmission facilities in a coordinated and balanced manner in order to meet the increasing gas demand.

Present Status

The company has currently been running 930 kilometer high pressure gas pipeline of 20”, 24" & 30"dia. During the fiscal year 2007-2008, the Company had transported a total of 12328.00 million cubic meter gas to TGTDCL, BGSL, JGTDCL and PGCL franchise area.

Five projects, financed by ADB, have been taken up for expansion of gas distribution programme to the northwest and southwest regions of the country namely-
  1. Monohordi-Dhanua-Elenga-East Bank of Jamuna Bridge Gas Transmission Pipeline and Installations of Compressor Stations at Ashuganj (West) & Elenga Project.
  2. West Bank of Jamuna Bridge-Nolka, Hatikumrul-Ishwardi- Bheramara Gas Transmission Pipeline Project.
  3. Bonpara-Rajshahi Gas Transmission Pipeline Project.
  4. Bheramara-Khulna Gas Transmission Pipeline Project.
  5. Compressor Station Project at Muchai & Ashuganj.
Project financed by the World Bank for Siddhirganj Peaking Power Project -
  1. Bakhrabad-Siddhirganj Gas Transmission Pipeline Project
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